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FIFA 18 Best-Selling Series Of Latest Works

Game Introduction

FIFA 18 is the latest in a series of football games developed by EA Sports. As an annual football masterpiece, FIFA 18 inherits the basic skills and core content of its predecessor, adding more clubs and stars, optimizing the details, and there will be more stories, squads and more. Innovative elements to ensure the freshness of the game.

FIFA 18游戏

FIFA 18 is a soccer sports game produced and distributed by EA. It is the latest sequel to the popular series FIFA. The game will introduce “legendary stars” as multi-platform signs. According to EA’s information, signboards will be launched on various platforms. The first Brazilian legend will be Ronaldo. More FUT ultimate team signage will be launched this summer.

The game will be divided into three versions, Standard, Ronaldo, and Signature. The Ronaldo version will include the benefit of enjoying the game 3 days in advance, while the sign version will provide some additional FUT content (in the form of a rental player), this version can also enjoy the game three days in advance.

Players booking any of the three versions will be eligible for C Ronald’s qualifications for the FUT’s ultimate team, as well as eight special editions of the FUT package, as well as the Jumbo Premium Gold FUT package with a maximum value of $60.

Game System

FIFA 18 adds a new feature called Stories, where the legendary star will receive three ultimate team cards for different stages of their career. The attributes of each player’s card are different to reflect their careers in different periods. For example, Ronaldo once won a PSG team in 2002 and once in AC Milan in 2010. There is also a “best” card: winning “Best Player of the Year of the Year” for Barcelona in 2004, the most in his career. peak.

Of these three cards, two of them can be obtained through the card package and the array challenge, while the best cards can only be played through the SBC (need to use the legendary player card with low ability) or EA called Throwback Thursdays (specific time Card package).

A new FUT feature: Squad Battles. This is a weekly single player competition. You can play with another player’s AI team. This will provide the best reward for any single player in the ultimate team mode, but the squad does not have the Battle Switch feature, and only logs in to PC, PS4,NS, and Xbox One.

Log in NS


Operation NS version supports portable handheld, combination Joy-Con dual handle, split Joy-Con single handle or traditional Pro handle, and is compatible with all.

The NS version includes “FIFA Ultimate Team”, “Career Mode”, “Kick Off” and “Local Seasons”.
The game took full advantage of the NS’s portability, supporting three modes of play: TV mode, portable mode, and desktop mode. In TV mode, the game resolution is 1080p.

NS, the full name NINTENDO SWITCH, is the flagship product launched by Nintendo Games in March 2017. The mainframe is a home-based handheld integrated design. The new machine is not locked area, support 1920*1080 TV output and 1280*720 palm output. This is the last hardware product that former President Iwatani participated in the development of, this product will become the center of future Nintendo entertainment blueprint. The NS debut received strong repercussions. The YouTube video on the first day of the trailer exceeded 10 million. At one point, YouTube reached the top of YouTube, and the limelight overtook the US election.

The touch and smoothness of the NS operation is exactly the same as on the other two platforms. Thanks to the NS hardware design and the number of buttons, this NS version of “FIFA18” has a series of the most complete control in the history of mobile devices. System, each dribbling is definitely the most complete experience.


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