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FINAL FANTASY XIV Beginner’s Guide: How to choose a career (2)?

Ranged attack class: Conjurer (White Mage) Thaumaturge (black mage) Arcanist (summoner, scholar)

1. Conjurer (White Mage): This type of occupation is mainly based on treatment assistance. The nickname nurse has the highest auxiliary blood return efficiency in the profession compared to the small nurse scholar, but at the same time the weak injury output has become its occupation. The biggest drawback is the indispensable role of replica tasks. The most recommended career for novices! The operation is simple, as long as the MT technology is not too bad! White Mage can guarantees a safe output for the team as long as it guarantees its own blue.

2. Thaumaturge (Black mage): This class has the largest damage output from the remotely. It can be said that it can play a decisive role in the battle, but its limitation is the requirement for operation caused by the long chanting time. The output method is more complicated, The black mage is often in the hands of a good player is not to be underestimated.

3. Arcanist (summoner): This type of career is mainly based on the remote output, but the difference from the black mage is that this professional attack is smoother, that is to say, there is no long chanting time, so there is no requirement for operation. The black magic is high and the remote output is also very impressive.

4. Arcanist (scholar): This type of career is also based on the treatment aid. The treatment efficiency of the scholar is not as high as that of the white mage. However, the auxiliary bonus skills are often useful for the bosses that contain large-scale attacks, using the bonus to lower the boss against the companion. The damage thus guarantees the output of his team melee occupation.


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