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FINAL FANTASY XIV Beginner’s Guide: How to choose a career(1)?

Let’s talk about race first: In fact, the initial difference between the various races is not large, that is to say, the basic property of the patron saint can be neglected. The teacher suggests that the character who loves the race should use the patron saint as well. As long as you seriously practice your career later, you can do it well.

Secondly, the career: First, a character can play all career, provided that the professional tasks are completed (some different tasks are in different cities, so the probability of full-time occupational hegemony is small and has no meaning), then change the weapon immediately. Change the profession, but the level between the occupations is not the same, the corresponding equipment has to be changed (shared equipment is generally garbage) and the copy can not change career. Secondly, the teacher suggested that unless it is a professional player, it is enough for the ordinary people’s office workers to practice 1-2 occupations, and they can also practice the tailoring career of the tailoring. After all, the game still needs this writing skill.

About transfer: the same type of career in the game can be transferred, but the basic vocational skills and sub-professional skills are to meet certain conditions, for example (basic occupation: bow warlock / high-level occupation: poet, transfer conditions : Archer 30 + Fighting 15. For example, the player uses the archer when your archer skill reaches 30 and the fighting skill reaches 15 when he is eligible to change his job. So it is important to choose a career major, not too much. Because the general type of attack is similar.

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Melee Attack Class: Gladiator (Paladin)Marauder (Warrior)Pugilist (monk) Lancer(Dragon Knight)

1. Gladiator (Paladin): This type of occupation belongs to the T-type occupation. It plays the role of the meat shield in the game. The melee output is extremely general. Compared with the axe, the difference between these occupations is extremely high. 2. Marauder (Warrior): This type of occupation belongs to the T-type occupation, and the same is the output of the melee shield. The difference from the swordsman is that this type of occupation is extremely thick.


It is not recommended to play T occupation (Gladiator and Marauder), but this game is very short of T, basically the order is second row So if you really want to play, you can choose a swordsman. Although the difficulty is not high, but the degree of understanding, the avoidance and the understanding of the copy, need stronger technology operation, easy to make mistakes, to be mentally prepared.

3. Pugilist (monk): This type of occupation is characterized by extremely high melee damage output, but it is also the most vulnerable compared to other melee occupations, so it is extremely challenging to test the player’s subtle operations. Of course, in a master’s hand, this occupation 1V3 is also a common occurrence.4. Lancer (Dragon Knight): This kind of occupation can be said to be a more balanced occupation in melee. Although the injury is not as good as the fighter, but it is much higher than the T-shaped meat shield, and there is also a more objective resistance to play. The equipment for riding is also very handsome and handsome.


For newcomers, it is not recommended for everyone to use melee classes, especially for pugilist (monk). Because in battles like advanced copy, extremely savage, Baja maze, etc., if your operation does not reach a certain level, even if you have A good team, failure is also an inevitable thing.


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