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FINAL FANTASY XIV: together and embark on the journey of the expedition!

When I heard about the FINAL FANTASY XIV online game, my heart was shocked first, and then I was not optimistic. At that time, whether it was the performance of version 1.0 or as a FF player, I was not optimistic about this. After the fully-reformed version 3.0 was launched, I naturally played with a try. Although not very invested, at least I can feel that it is a work that is acceptable. Everything changed after the release of the expansion pack “The Forbidden City of the Sky”, and I started to think it was such a fascinating game. This idea has also been magnified numerous times before and after the version 4.0 of the expansion pack Stormblood.

From the 1.0 era IGN only gave 1.2 points, to the 4.0 era gave 9.2 points, FINAL FANTASY XIV what happened during this period, it is estimated that only players who do not give up the game will know. All of this is too bitter, full of hardships and disdain. For this reason, now when the Warriors of Light remember the past Ao Zeya, they will feel the indescribably sweet and moving, we witnessed a great game. The strong rebirth of this journey is worth keeping and remembering.

As I said before, FF14 is an amusement park belonging to FF fans. Even if you haven’t experienced FF, you can appreciate her charm and beauty here. In both sides, both the positive and negative sides have joined many new characters full of charm and personality, such as one that makes the gentlemen excited for a long time. Whether it is positive or negative, SE has done a lot of work on the portrayal of these characters. You can feel their mood, their stories, and their beliefs in the plot. The proud and brave dragons on the prairie, the simple and kind Dorma residents, the ruthless Alamig Liberation Army, and the new barbarian A and Afghan people all have their own lives, character, customs and beliefs. A living and rich world is presented to us.

In fact, since 3.0, the story of Final Fantasy 14 has changed from the protagonist’s adventure story to the group drama. The game producer Yoshida Naoki once said that he wants to create a character that can impress the players’ friends. In 2.0, the game’s plot is mostly focused on the adventures. More than the pen and ink in the player’s participation in the event and the introduction of the world view, 3.0 has begun to pay attention to the shaping of NPCs of various colors, of which the dark knight’s professional tasks are more deceived. It’s a ticket to the player’s tears, and it’s the same now. The game is no longer the traditional triumphant adventure of Japanese games, but the richer, open and flesh-and-blood adventures of characters, which shape the world by characters, and the world to render characters, giving people a complete and unified experience. The game’s plot has a good sense of immersion, which is impressive.

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