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Forza Horizon 3 takes you to experience real Australia

“Forza Motorsport: Horizon 3” is a racing car game produced by Turn 10 and released by Microsoft. The Forza Horizon series is one of the best racing series available today, with its stunning racing appearance and immersive world. And the addictive driving experience has attracted a large number of fans. In the new Forza Horizon 3, players can drive to places they have never seen before. The game venue is set in Australia in the southern hemisphere. This work emphasizes the driving experience in the wild. The scene is very diverse. There are grasslands, beaches, deserts, towns and vehicles. There are more choices for vehicles, from super-run to off-road vehicles. In addition to free driving in the open world, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The performance of this game has been greatly improved. Whether it is car body modeling or racing scene design, it is enough to describe it with eye-catching. In addition, this is the second series of “Extreme Racing” games that landed on the PC platform after “Forza Motorsport 6”.

This time, the developer Playground Games moved the game stage to Australia, and the production team spent a lot of effort to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the game world. The new work will show the biggest game environment in the history of the series.In order to capture the authenticity of the environment, the production team’s personnel traveled to Australia several times. Creative Director Ralph Fulton talked about how their production team brought back data and information about life in Australia. Fulton said: “They took all the high-definition pictures along the way, they stopped to take pictures of everything we needed to join the game: roads, buildings, walls, trees, rocks, everything. We used a name called ‘photogrammetry Learn’s cutting-edge technology, which allows us to convert high-definition images of objects into game 3D mode, which is why rock, trees and the like are so realistic in our games.” Playground Games time-consuming and labor-intensive capture Going to the real data in Australia, not looking for details from Google Earth. What kind of Australia you are looking forward to, Playground Games will give you a real Australia.


Fulton also talked about how they built the Australian sky. “We also created a new technology that uses a custom 12K HDR camera binding device to capture the Australian sky. We spent the summer camping there, capturing everything in the sky. These pictures were taken back to the studio and the data was imported. Our system generates the most dynamic, ever-visible sky.” “We also have recorded video footage of crossing Australia.Designers who didn’t personally take part in the shoot feel that they were completely immersed in the world of games we created.

Forza Horizon 3 is an excellent master open world racing game. The quality of this series has raised the series to a new high. The choice and customization of the car category is second to none in the industry, and the huge Australian inland racing map is magnificent.Forza Horizon 3 has achieved the perfect balance between immersive driving and entertainment racing. In this world, players become the masters of racing in this unique way. All in all, this is a long-awaited racing game.

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