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How Does FIFA18 Improve Its Level,FIFA18 improve technique suggest sharing

First point. Lessons learned

After you are scored by someone else, you have to think about how you were scored, why didn’t you block it.If you don’t think of it, then he will wear you in the same way.Constant summary to improve:For example, if you come across a person with a type of 41212, don’t pull the CB to defend, or you’ll probably get a 2 over 1.

Second point. Maintain a good attitude

Many people will be eager to advance after falling behind, and mistakes will increase or even double.Regardless of whether you are ahead or behind you, you must maintain patience, gradually advance, and maintain the right to the ball.If there is no gap, first return to search for opportunities.I met a lot of people who played very well in the first half. After the second half was scored or led by me, became very impatient.Then became very anxious and I was easily able to win the game.

The third point. Calm.

Generally, when I lead 2 goals, I will change the formation from 41212(2) to 4231 or 4231(2). Which one should be changed to the opposite side?Then replace the midfielder with no physical strength and then change to a back position.This time the opposite is an urgent attack, he is very aggressive, and there will be more opportunities to create opportunities for you.However, at this time, the ball is very important, so don’t do the stupid behavior of the ST’s back-to-back defense against the fancy, or fight and promote.If the opposite side is led by 2 goals, then you will enter another one, which is a fatal blow to his mentality. He basically abandoned the game.Generally, my mentality is balance in the second half. If I lead, I will add 1 grid to the defensive side every 10 minutes. 70 minutes will become a defensive defense. In 80 minutes, my mentality is very stable.Football games are a psychological war, many people will deliberately irritate you, but don’t be fooled, it is important to keep your own rhythm.

Fourth point. Familiar with your own team

Some people think that my sentence is nonsense, and my team has played hundreds of games. Can you be unfamiliar?At this time the problem is coming.Do you know when and how your frontcourt players use strong shots, when do you use low-balls, and when do you shot them?Sometimes I watched the opposite player take a long shot and felt that I was balanced by the system.In fact, it may be that the level of the opposite is very high. Knowing that this time, the player can shot at this position.

Fifth point. Increase your offensive diversity

This is very important, some players will be targeted, because they will only 1 or 2 routines, rely on this routine mixed 1 or 2 balls, the opposite is targeted, and do not know how to attack.Like a border breakthrough,a master may be directly under breakthrough the inverted triangle,May be a fake shot turnaround kickback, then find the head of the player who is far away from the goal in the corner of the penalty area.May be a fake shot emergency stop, after the cut or the restricted area.It could also be a Beba turned inside.So you are annoyed when you encounter such an opponent. He is going to break through to the bottom line. Are you slowing down with his defensive player?You slowed down, he didn’t slow down and went straight down to the bottom line. If the triangle succeeded, you would be in.You don’t slow down, if he’s a kickback pass, you can’t stop him from passing, and if you can’t get into the header, you can only listen to the fate.Similarly, if you are an offensive player, you will not be fancy, you will not change your way, and the breakthrough will only slip the bottom line.I’ve been against you several times and found that you only have this kind of routine, then he will not slow down to follow you, then cut to another player to block the passing route of your possible triangle, your routine will never take effect.



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