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Path Of Exile: Dark fantasy style online action game

Path Of  Exile was developed by New Zealand’s Grinding Gear Games, the father of Diablo, former Blizzard president David Brevik. For the American RPG, the Diablo series can be said to be the benchmark for this category. Since 1996, many American RPG games developed by many manufacturers have been affected more or less by Diablo. But blindly imitating will succeed, but will make more players resentful of such games. Only under the premise of controlling gameplay and player needs, we can continue to explore and stand out from the similar works! “Path Of Exile” not only inherits the Gothic style of Diablo series, but also changes the content and gameplay of the game. If you can experience this game like a red wine, then you will slowly taste the true charm of this game!

Although the American RPG does not pay much attention to the story of the game, it will at least explain the era, background, and development of the player. The Valras Islands are the broken places after two prosperity and demise. The ruthlessness of this broken land due to the dynasty of the two dynasties led to the catastrophe of two creatures. Then, the creatures and dead bodies here began to change. Gradually, this land has evolved into the residence of the undead. Since then, the island has become the best choice for exiles in various kingdoms.

The background of the game is very concise, but it can support the development of the entire game. And you know nothing about the island, go to the kingdom army to round with you, and search for the relics and fragments of the different creatures in this land. Throughout this process, I was tortured by the darkness of this land all the time.

Game screen

The screen of “Path Of Exile” continues the sinister scene style of “Diablo 2”. For the old players of Diablo 2, this oppressive atmosphere has a good sense of substitution.

Although at first glance, the game’s picture is not much better than Diablo 2, but in fact, it is intended to bring players the unique Gothic style of the Diablo series, so the skills in the game and It’s not surprising that the light and shadow effects are rendered very well.

You must always remember that you are a living prisoner on this isolated island, not a ruined person who cuts people like cut vegetables. The gloomy atmosphere allows the player to maintain a sense of crisis on this horrible island, and his ability is constantly improving, in order to have enough power to fight against the island’s more powerful and unknown monsters to ensure their survival. . Powerful ability comes from the follow-up exercise, not the extraordinary power that your ancestors’ blood brings to you.

In the dark, in addition to the skill you and your equipment, and nothing to rely on.

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